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Service Description

Looking to take your sketch and turn it into a reality? With our digital pattern and size grading service, we can make your 2D garment and brand ideas and bring them to life in 3D form and function. Whether you need help with pattern making or creating your own brand fit. Pattern making is an important step in the development of your fashion brand because the number of pattern pieces ultimately dictates how long it takes a garment to be sewn. More pieces mean the garment will take longer to cut, assemble & sew but if done correctly, it will produce a better fit. In addition to the perfect pattern, you will need proper size grading for each piece in your brand. Size grading ensures optimal fit of a garment. Successful fashion brands know the significance of size grading for producing well-fitting apparel to their target customers. By meeting the needs of customers with different body shapes and sizes, fashion brands can build customer loyalty. So if you're looking for a quality pattern and size grading service that can take your sketches and ideas to the next level, look no further! Book your appointment today





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