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Service Description

Are you ready to go into production ? Well look no further , our Technical Design Development Service will allow our team of technical designers are to ensures that every garments fit and is functional in every size, that every design detail is correct, and industry standards are met. We're the perfect partner for outsourcing garment production, as most contractors and factories will not take your orders unless you provide a clear and detailed Do you have the most informative tech pack? If not , It is so crucial when you begin the first process and negotiation terms and cost with local and international manufacturers. Our Agency has made it our mission to ensure that every piece of direction and information of how to accurately complete the assembly of each garment down to the type of stitching and seam allowances Our Tech Pack minimizes risk for both the manufacturer and the designer, by clearly setting out what the desired specifications are for the future product. So if you're looking for a partner who can provide detailed directions to produce a high-quality product, look no further than Technical Design Development! Book an appointment to learn more.





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